GRACE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH OF ST. ALBANS is a multicultural and multigenerational church.  We seek, by God’s grace, to be more balanced and inclusive in every aspect of our church’s life as we endeavor to meet our own spiritual and other needs as well as to meet those of our diverse community.

Our  History

In 2012 GUMC celebrated its 81st anniversary.   In 1931, GUMC was created when sixteen dedicated Christians held their first worship service in a store front at 200-05 Murdock Avenue across  from our current site.  Within one year the congregation size increased, so a second storefront, next door, was acquired for Sunday school. 

In May 1938, GUMC, known in the community as the “little White Church” was occupied for its first service at 200-08 Murdock Avenue.  The congregation continued to grow, so by 1966 the educational building (Wesley Hall) was completed.  Grace continued to attract more people and a larger space was needed to accommodate the growing congregation.

After being in the works for some time, the new expanded sanctuary has been completed.  “We have come this far by faith” is our motto. The new church consecration was held on March 10, 2013. 

What  We  Believe

Being a United Methodist means;

·              Involvement in prayer, worship and sacraments, in study of the scriptures, and in
         Christian action, giving and discipline.

·               Sharing in the work of the local church, ecumenical efforts, and teaching Christ’s truth.

·               Knowing our commitment to God and to people, our purpose in God’s world, and
         God’s  concern.

·                    Sharing a common heritage with other Christians.


United Methodists practice Baptism as a symbol of God’s forgiveness and the cleansing of our sins – a sign of regeneration and of new birth.

The Lord’s Supper

United Methodists believe that the bread and wine symbolize the body and blood of Christ, which are taken in a spiritual manner – the sacrament of our redemption by Christ’s death.  All baptized Christians are welcomed to the Lord’s table.